What is kefir?

Kefir is drinkable cultured milk, like a thick smoothie. Many people enjoy kefir for its health benefits and versatility: it is an easily digestible source of natural protein, calcium, and beneficial probiotics. Its creamy texture makes it a versatile base for breakfast smoothies, on-the-go meals, or even as a replacement for buttermilk in baking. Our kefir is lactose free, which makes it ideal for people looking for the nutritional benefits of kefir regardless of if they are lactose intolerant or not.

The main difference between yogurt and kefir is in its flavor and texture: yogurt has a thicker texture, like a delicate custard. Our kefir and yogurt also differ in flavor and in their milk components – milk solids for example – and other ingredients. Our yogurt is slightly higher in milk solids and we add a little bit of pectin, which is derived from citrus fruits.

We make both lowfat and whole milk kefir, including plain and fruit-flavored varieties.

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