What is your philosophy on GMOs?

What is your philosophy on GMOs?

The use of GMOs and the issues relating to the absence of labeling of GMO products are a serious concern for us at Green Valley Creamery. We are fully in support of the Non-GMO Project and partner with national and state labeling campaigns. Our position as it relates to our organic and delicious lactose-free dairy products is simple: We do not support the concept of GMOs in food and will never knowingly use ingredients that contain GMOs.

The standards for organic certification do not allow the use of GMOs. The ingredients used in our lactose-free dairy products do not contain DNA from GMOs, according to certificates provided by each of our suppliers.

We source Certified Organic milk from family farms in Sonoma County, California. The cows are grazing out on pasture as much as possible, weather permitting. In addition to grass and forages, which is the majority of their diet, the cows receive a 100% vegetarian diet of grains, ensuring their health and well-being while they are giving milk. A strip test for GMOs is done on every load of the dairy grain that is fed to the dairy cows to ensure non-GMO status of the feed.

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