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Three Ways to Lighten Up Your Meals in the New Year

Overeating is something many of us can relate to post-holidays. Mid-January, we’re still feeling incredibly stuffed from holiday treats, the appetizers we overloaded ourselves with at holiday parties, and all of the tempting foods we don’t normally eat. To lighten our diet, we took the time to do some conscious grocery shopping and to create a few of our favorite healthful “reset” recipe go-to’s. These don’t compromise on flavor at all and include smoothies in the morning, loaded salads at lunch, and a craveable veggie-packed dinner.


First, we decided to swap the waffles and pancakes for something a little lighter by making a filling smoothie that has some “oomph”. A favorite that keeps us satisfied for hours and away from mid-morning snacking is inspired by a recipe from @leefromamerica made with frozen blueberries, steamed-and-then-frozen cauliflower, almond butter, lactose free yogurt and a splash of coconut milk. We love this smoothie because it’s fruity, smooth, nutritious and tastes more like a treat than a veggie-bomb.


When lunch hour comes around, grabbing a burger can be all too tempting, so we combat our cravings by loading up a big salad with healthful goodies. We like to make a salad our oyster, and pile it high with arugula, pomegranate seeds, mandarin wedges, and a lactose free lemon-yogurt dressing; light and yet so filling. For a little extra protein we sometimes add grilled chicken, roasted delicata squash or gluten-free pasta to keep us powered up through the afternoon.


Instead of a loaded burrito for dinner, we opt for some homemade veggie tacos. What makes this recipe special and delectable is our homemade cilantro-lime crema, made with Green Valley Creamery lactose free sour cream and yogurt. For these succulent, savory tacos we like to use corn tortillas, roasted butternut squash, diced tomatoes, fresh corn, whole black beans, all topped off the crema. Simple, flavorful, and extremely easy to make, we hope it’s as big of a hit in your home as it is in ours.

Eating light after the holidays can sometimes feel hard, especially after coming off big meals and takeout that crept in over the past month. We recommend cooking what you’re craving and to put a light spin on it to get you on your way to feeling like a better, lighter, and more healthful self.

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