10 Yrs Missing a Good Cream Cheese Bagel

10 Yrs Missing a Good Cream Cheese Bagel

Posted on May 30, 2016

“10 years without a good bagel with cream cheese is a long time.” We agree.

About 12 years ago, Michael Van Buren had a surgery that left him lactose intolerant. Who is Michael you ask? Let’s just say that if cream cheese had a fan club, Michael would be president. He’s the reason we do what we do.

Dairy foods had always been a part of Michael’s life and he was devastated to find out that after his surgery he could no longer enjoy in his favorite meals. The food he missed the most was a Sunday family tradition: bagels with cream cheese.

His wife, Ruthann, searched high and low for a tasty alternative without luck. A few months ago, Michael heard about our lactose-free cream cheese and was excited (and intrigued!) to try a lactose-free option made with real dairy.

When Ruthann got a hold of our cream cheese she slathered it on a bagel (of course) and watched as Michael indulged in his first bite of real cream cheese in over 10 years. Check him out:

This is the stuff that keeps us going. How lucky are we to be able to make someone this happy with something so simple?

Now, there is no going back for Michael and Ruthann. They’re trying out every dairy-filled recipe they can think of – onion dip, ranch dressing, cheesecake – you name it. Ruthann recently made a cheesecake from our website and said that Michael took a bite of it and “almost cried – he was so overwhelmed with joy”.

Sounds like our number one fan right? Well, the feeling is definitely mutual.

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