Cream Cheese Sandwiches Done 3 Ways

Cream Cheese Sandwiches Done 3 Ways

Cream cheese isn’t just for bagels. It’s also the perfect ingredient to start any sandwich with (and deliciously sneak in some greens!). If you’re looking for quick and tasty lunchbox ideas, check out these three cream cheese sandwich combinations.

Pumpkin butter + bananas + cream cheese + dash of cinnamon

A sweet combination made extra creamy with the blend of pumpkin butter and cream cheese. Super simple, super delicious.

Bananas being sliced on a cutting board
Banana sandwich

Basil + tomato + cream cheese + dash of salt & pepper

Wonderful for lunch, appetizers, or as a snack! A savory combination elevated by fresh basil and tomato.

Sandwich being cut with a round cutter

Leafy greens + cucumber + cream cheese + dash of salt & pepper

A light and refreshing afternoon snack. Crisp cucumber is the perfect complement to the rich cream cheese.

Spinach placed on a sandwich
Cucumber sandwich
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