Newsletter – June 2015

Contents: Lactose-Free Cherry Clafoutis, New Milk Silos at our Creamery, New Video: The Making of Cream Cheese, Clean Eating Clean Choice Award

Lactose - free cherry clafoutis

It’s Cherry Season!

We love celebrating the arrival of cherry season by making Cherry Clafoutis. Traditionally this baked French dessert is made with cream, but we swap in our plain kefir to make this delicious lactose-free version. Serve it warm from the oven with a light dusting of powdered sugar. If cherries are not in season where you live, use frozen cherries. You’ll find this recipe, and lots of other great lactose-free recipes here.

New milk silos have arrived!

Excitement ensued outside our creamery last month, when employees gathered to watch the installation of two new stainless-steel milk silos. These 20,000-gallon refrigerated tanks temporarily store the fresh organic milk that comes to us daily via truck from local family farms. The fresh milk in the silos is held at 40 degrees and piped into the creamery to be made into our lactose-free products. Now that we have these two new silos, we’ll be able to keep up with making enough yogurtkefircream cheese and sour cream for customers like you. Thank you for helping us grow.

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Video: The Making of Cream Cheese

Watch the magic happen inside our organic creamery, as our skilled crew members transform the fresh milk into delicious lactose-free cream cheese. Our new one-minute video gives you a glimpse of the process.

Our Cream Cheese wins Clean Eating Award

Eating clean is not just about eating pure, minimally-processed food, but also being mindful of your food’s origin and the footprint it leaves on the earth. How do you make the best choices when you need to purchase packaged food from the grocery store? Each year Clean Eating Magazine scrutinizes packaged grocery products from 17 categories, and chooses the top 100 cleanest products in the supermarket based on the following criteria: Amazing Flavor, Tantalizing Texture, Cleaner than Clean, Time-Saving convenience, and Earth Love. We’re pleased to announce that our Lactose-Free Cream Cheese has been selected as a winner!

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